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Measure Up now available for iPad

Hi everyone!  You can now install Measure Up for the iPad!  Successfully ported it and available in the App Store!

Measure Up

Measure anything small quickly with this app.

Measure distances using the mere pinch of your fingers.  Or set up a known length and lock it to serve as a measuring guide.

Anyway you use it, you’ll get your result in a pinch!


Want to tell your friend where you are but have no clue?

Passing through an unknown town and wanting to know the name of it?

Residing in a new area but unsure of the zip/postal code?

Or just wanting to know the current weather outside while you’re shopping at a mall of another suburb?

Whatever you need to know about your location, Infocation’s got that information for you!

This application gives you the information in regards to your current location.

With this application you are able to find out:

– The current city that you’re in
– The current street that you’re on
– The current zip/postal code area you’re currently in
– The current weather of that location

Moreover, you’re able to pull up a quick map of your current area.  The information auto-refreshes every 2.5 minutes or 100m movements.

Purchase this app and find out your infocation today!

Pick It!

Want to make your weekly lottery purchase but unable to choose the numbers?  Or think your iPhone/iTouch has that lucky quality to it?

Well why not have your iPhone/iTouch choose your numbers for you!

With this application you can have your device choose your lucky numbers and save it for later reference.  You could also delete individual saved picks at anytime

This application is highly configurable to any lottery you choose to play.  You may have it select up to 12 numbers in a set and a range of up to 99.

Get it now!